AUTOMOTIVE PART INSPECTION - Inner trim, rear axis and mirror measurement

During the past years, with the increasing competition in the automotive industry, quality and accuracy has became the new focus of most of automobile manufacturers..

There are many automotive parts with complex shapes, numerous detailed hole sites and complicated framework, which require inspection method with high accuracy, high efficiency as well as intuitional inspection result.

SCANTECH optical 3D measuring technology has a well-developed application in the automobile industry. In the next part, we will take the example of some different components to show how SCANTECH helps with the production of auto parts.

1. Inner Trim Inspection

Usually, in the car, inner trim is a combination of the dashboard, seat, ac system, and many other components. From this reason, manufacturers of inner trim parts need a multifunction device to fulfill the inspection mission for all kinds of parts. SCANTECH KSCAN Magic 3D Scanner is a perfect choice. KSCAN Magic scanner has a scanning accuracy of 0.020mm and a scanning area of 1440 mm x 860 mm, it also has a built-in photogrammetry system as well as multiply scanning mode such as speed scanning, detailed scanning, deep hole scanning, so it can be adapted to the accurate scanning under all kinds of production conditions.

Time needed: 45 minutes

2. Rear Axis Inspection

The measurement of surface deviation and angles makes it difficult to inspect the rear axis. Traditional checking fixtures are unable to reflect the accurate deviation, but it won’t be a problem for KSCAN Magic 3D Scanner. KSCAN Magic can perform non-contact scanning with a few markers and provide complete data including details of all angles within 10 minutes. The whole process does no harm to the object

Time needed: 30 minutes

3. Rear Mirror Inspection

SCANTECH TRACKSCAN Tracking 3D Scanner is laser 3D scanner which doesn't need to use the markers during the scanning itself while can ensure the accuracy of 0.025mm. The whole process of scanning the mirror took us less than 3 minutes. Using TRACKSCAN 3D scanner can significantly save the measuring time when you need to often measure many industrial parts of various sizes. The data from scanning can be easily and quickly compared with the CAD model (same as with KSCAN Magic) and can be exported and saved in an intuitional inspection report for fast identification of the deviations to produce craft improvement.

Time needed: 3 minutes


ScanTech 3D laser scanner can be significantly helpful in cost and time saving during the manufacturing proces in automotive production. Implementing 3D measurement into the production workflow will help companies to improve the quality of products and their competitiveness in the market. Automotive part production usualy comes with unstable conditions in the production halls (temperature, lighting, vibrations) which are not possible to eliminate. From this reason is using the portable laser 3D technology for the precise measurement the best option.

Time needed: 80 minutes

Technology used: ScanTech KSCAN Magic, TRACKSCAN-P42, DELL Precision 7540 laptop

Keywords: quality control, inspection, 3D measurement, laser 3D scanner, portable 3D scanner, large part 3D scanning, tracking system,

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