HOW 3D SCANNING HELPS IN AEROSPACE - Maintenance and service of Airbus A350

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) is an indispensable requirement to guarantee the aircraft is maintained in predetermined conditions of airworthiness for safe transportation. During the flight, aircraft will experience bird and lightning strikes, resulting in deformation even damages to its engine lips. Therefore, airline companies are under increased pressure to conduct thorough-paced 3D inspection promptly to avoid accidents.

MRO teams often don’t have enough time to measure and repair the in-service aircraft. Besides, the engine lip volume of the aircraft is very bulky. Furthermore, it is generally designed to be a smooth transition parabolic shape with a variable cross-section. Adding to the challenge, manufacturers may not be willing to share the original data. Hence, maintenance personnel are confronted with a huge challenge in capturing accurate 3D data. This kind of manual measurement is time-consuming and may have imperfect results.

Our Solution

This combination delivers fast and precise 3D solutions to address quality control and reverse engineering needs.

Scanned object: Airbus A350 Rolls-Royce Engine lips; approx. 3m in diameter

Step 1: KSCAN Magic photogrammetry system takes multiple 2D images of the engine lips.

Step 2: Calculate the 3D coordinate values ​​of the key positions and obtain 3D data.

Step 3. Fast scanning captures the point cloud data of the engine lip’s surface; the workstation displays the data in real-time.

To dealing with large-scale measurements, ScanTech has an assortment of products. You can choose one of laser handheld 3D scanners like our KSCAN MAGIC 3D scanner with built-in photogrammetry system. This 3D scanner has great performance both in large or small size inspection. Our TrackScan 3D system delivers precise 3D scanning without markers. In addition, our AXE-B113D scanner is the premier choice for large-scale measurement without need of extra devices.

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