ScanTech develops and manufactures 3D measurement technologies for modern quality control, visual inspection and reverse engineering in various industries. All our portable laser 3D scanners comes with metrology-grade accuracy, high resolution, easy-to-use application and advanced scanning, measuring and reporting software.



The KSCAN Magic is a portable laser 3D scanner with large scanning mode, built-in photogrammetry system for large-scale objects, fine scanning mode for great details, deep hole scanning mode compatible with portable CMM probe and automated 3D systems. KSCAN Magic is a lightweight solution for fast and highly accurate 3D scanning whenever you go.


The TRACKSCAN-P42 combines best features of portable laser solution such as metrology-grade volumetric accuracy and fast scanning speed with optical tracker which brings dynamic reference 3D measurement without need of using markers. With accuracy of 0,025 mm, measurement rate 1,900,000 measurements/s and wireless portable CMM probe comes as ultimate powerful solution for shop floors.


The AUTOSCAN-T42 automated quality control 3D system offers 3D dimensions measurement for medium-large size manufacturing companies. AUTOSCAN T-42 is robot-mounted 3D laser scanner navigated by tracking system and delivers no-human interrupted 3D inspection to help manufacturers to optimize their quality control process in mass production.


All ScanTech systems come equiped by SCANVIEWER operating software with unlimited licence and includes inspection and scanning functions such as distance, GD&T and color map. ScanViewer penetrates all aspects of product R&D, design and production. The scanned data can be directly used for 3D printing, reverse engineering, dimensional inspection with CAD data and more. Users can directly create features, feature analysis, distance measurement, dimension analysis and geometric tolerance according to scanned data. SCANVIEWER supports multiple alignment function available to merge scanning data & CAD file for inspection and can quickly generate pdf report for analysis. ScanViewer software also includes professional pipe inspection function that can directly export YBC/LRA data to eliminate deviations of pipe bender.

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